We ensure correct installation
and high performance for our MRI systems.

MRI equipment is a very sophisticated system whose technical specifications are continuously updated. Currently, many facilities have limited space or are subject to environmental electromagnetic interferences. Furthermore, the local, national and international regulations have become increasingly stringent. For all these reasons, the preliminary stages of site planning and site auditing are key to guaranteeing proper installation and high performance of MRI solutions, as well as flawless functioning of the facilities, compliance with applicable standards and a fair financial investment with no risk of future charges incurred for technical failures due to incomplete or inexact preliminary analysis of the site.

Measurements of environmental AC/DC magnetic fields

Assessment of the interference level and source of the magnetic fields, generated for example by subways, moving vehicles, trains, elevators, electrical lines and transformers which may affect good operation of MRI systems.

Vibration measurements

Assessment of the vibration level and source, generated for example by operating engines and air conditioning systems (steady state vibrations) or by vehicles, railways, tramlines as well as any other source which interferes in a random or transient manner (transient vibrations) and may affect good operation of MRI systems.

Radio frequency measurements

Identification of RF disturbance sources with broad and narrow band analyses. Assessment of RF shielding effectiveness of all Faraday cages (EMI/RFI shielding), in order to verify proper functioning in accordance with RF mitigation specifications laid down by MRI manufacturers.

Acoustic measurements

Measurement of noise level generated by medical devices and assessment of compliance with noise level regulations.

Other measurements upon request

Development of customized solutions for issues related to magnetic fields, vibrations, radio frequency, grounding and electromagnetic compatibility, in order to ensure MRI correct installation.

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